Komatsu offers an ever increasing range of parts in local, national and international levels. The parts are ready off the shelf. Many after-Market Komatsu Plant Machinery Parts and components are distributed rapidly.

Some of the most sought after and bought Komatsu include the following…

Komatsu PC130-7 Crawler Excavator

Designed and built to tackle European markets. The excavator delivers; reliability, productivity and the operator is accorded comfort in a package that is not only user friendly but quit robust. The on-board HyrauMind from Komatsu assists the user in all operations.

Komatsu WA380-6 Wheel Loader

Whether brand new or pre-owned, this is a machine that helps you save up to 10% on your fuel bill. The machine has two engine power modes, power and is very economical. The machine has been designed to allow the operator match the job at hand to his/her work mode.

The machine comes with a large torque converter that is equipped with an enhanced lock-up that accords it terrific digging power when it comes to pile and climbing ability. The machine works effectively and efficiently under low demand conditions ensuring that it ends up saving both energy and fuel.

Backhoe Loaders

The WB93R-5 and the WB97R-5 Backhoe loaders manufactured by Komatsu are machines that are versatile when it comes to digging and loading. These are powerful machines that are not only productive but machines that allow the operator to work in an excellent working environment. They would also have use on a farm and for tractor sales to move equipment.

The loaders are custom fit with quick couplers at the front and back buckets which have proven to be extremely efficient and their machine performance are enhanced greatly.

Demolition Excavators

These Komatsu Hydraulic Crawler Excavators are built with a reinforced upper structure that have hinged cab guards that are designed to do demolition work specifically. Komatsu firm offers a wide-range of High Reach Demolition excavators that reach highs of 27 metres.


Komatsu offers a wide range of bulldozers ranging from 8tonnes D37 to the 108 tonnes D475A. The bulldozers are quality built machines that are powerful, productive and the operators have an exciting operating them.

They are custom fit with a fully automated blade control not forgetting that they are mounted with a 3D smart machine control organiser that makes the machines advance their output.

Rigid Dump Trucks

Komatsu range of Rigid Dump trucks have been creatively designed allowing users to use them off-road. They are perfect for large construction projects, mining and quarrying. These are extremely powerful machines that prove their worth.

They are used purposely for transporting quick loads, in an easy and cost effective manner. Again Komatsu values safety highly and they are designed to be safe and are quite a popular machinery equipment with operators.

Articulated Dump Trucks

These are Komatsu dump trucks that come fully equipped with very high performing and exquisite stage IIIB powerful compliant engines. This means that the trucks are cleaner and in particular friendly to the environment.

Operators love them since they can be loaded with ease thanks to their traction control and body capacity which make them extremely productive.